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Novi Vinodolski

Ancient town lies at the southern end of the Vinodol valley.I as a citizen of Novi Vinodolski may be always critical to the town. It is not because I hate it, but because I want it to be better for all of us. If the citizens are satisfied. I believe that you will be too. So with the help of pictures and text I will try to let you know more about our land. How can our town attract you attention today.The oldest record of the town Novi Vinodolski dates back to 1288. A very important document "Vinodolski zakonik" - "Law codex of Vinodol" was compiled then. At that time the Frankopan family ruled the town. It was until 1671 when the last Frankopan was killed. Throughout history the town has undergone many difficult times. The population was hit by plague. In the 16th century, the town was hit twice, first the Turks robbed and then fired the town. And at the end of the century, the "Mlećani" did the same, they crashed the fortress "lopsica" which was on the shore of the town. And 17 years later, in 1615, when the Novi Vinodolski crew went to help the "Senjske Uskoke" for what the Venetians found and attacked the poorly preserved town, the Venetians barbarians killed old men, women and children all for the glory of Venice. In 1750 there was a new destruction- 1/3 of the town was destroyed by a strong earthquake. You will learn a lot of interesting things about Novi Vinodolski when you come to our beautiful town and visit museum. Perhaps still to point out that the town's name was given to wine.That the people of NOVI lived most from cultivating land and selling wine.

otočić novi vinodolski put za va porat porat luka novi vinodolski stara kupalnica novi vinodolski
ruzica vinodola mesopustari suđenje mesopustunovi vinodolski kolo novi vinodolski

church novi vinodolski

Church Sv. Filipa i Jakova

The church was probably built in the 14th century. On the outer side of the western wall of the church, the year 1520 was engraved. It is believed that it was the year of reconstruction or upgrading of the church, because it is reliably known that there was already a church in Novi, at the time of the adoption of the Vinodol law . The church is built in the style of a three-ship basilica. It was a church for a while. By the change of status, the church was extended polygonal shrine in late Gothic style, and in the 18th century it was rebuilt and supplemented with lateral navies, in baroque style. On the floor of the sanctuary there is a tombstone with the figure of Modrus bishop Krištofer from 1499 and on the first side altar there is a wooden gothic madon from the 15th century. In the 17th century the church gained valuable baroque, wood-paneled benches, and for the main altar it was sold with the figures of the saints of the title. In the church are two silver relicvarias from the 15th century and enlightened Glagolitic codes from the 15th century.More you can read on this link.

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Live webcam from Novi Vinodolski

Beach in front hotel Lišanj

Center of town

Marine Novi Vinodolski

summer happenings

"Ružica Vinodola - Okolotorno"

Not bad, but it could be better

Due to the rich history, apart from the sacral heritage, a part of the cultural heritage was preserved. "Mesopust" Unfortunately for many tourists, it takes place in winter when a few tourists are staying there, "Novljani" invent new events for tourists to make their summertime more fun. But no event will ever be fun like "mesopust".  If the meats are made in summer a little faster than it is in winter I think it would be one of the most significant events in the region. But to make you happy remains one evening novel carnival. "Okolotorno" is an event that in my opinion has slightly woken the dead city in summer. Every Wednesday at 20:00 it is held in the narrow streets of the old town. In memory of the great writer born in this town Ivan Mažuranić. With many stalls of autochthonous products, wine tasting, and music in the narrow passages of the old town. If you want to fully enjoy this event, try to get something before 20:00 to see the whole ceremony. And for the end of "Ružica Vinodola" is also an event, which is linked to the tradition of the story. Going to the vineyard. Since the town once lived with the majority of vine growing and wine sales, citizens enjoyed their stay in the vineyard by choosing the most beautiful and worthy woman. "Ružica Vinodola". part of that tradition through 7 day events can be seen on the streets of the city in August. There are still some one-day events, i think it might be better but nothing matters if the weather is nice and the sea is warm :), beach is all you need.

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Beach in Novi Vinodolski

beach in novi vinodolski

novi vinodolski beaches

Rocky natural beaches, concrete, pebble beaches..

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beaches photos

After many years of waiting

Marina Novi Vinodolski

and not one. but two marinas. We are now center of nautical tourism

marina in novi vinodolski

Marina Mitan (Muroskva)

180 berths for boats up to 15 meters.

For know more about Marine Muroskva visit website HERE.

Marinas Novi Vinodolski

500 berths

Novi Vinodolski now has over 500 berths for your boats. Easily book a yearly, monthly, weekly or transit berth.with crane for boats,boats service, capitains office, diving centar, boats gas station, licence for boat drive, licence for fishing, licence for diving, boat excursions. Phone number for more info find HERE.

marina novi vinodolski

Marina Novi

260 berths in center of town with beautiful view.

Everthing you need to know you can find HERE.

I do not want to cook on vacation :-/ !!!

Gastronomic offer in Novi Vinodolski

Gastronomic offer restaurants, taverns, pizzerias in Novi Vinodolski. The choice is long, but only in the summer months. In the winter, this town is asleep. Each one offers something good. Some have good fish, and some super meat from the grill, some have a great location, others are more affordable. These are some of them. All in all, the offer does not change much only what is changing the price, it is every year higher. With reason? No, they want your money but still cheaper than in other parts of the Croatian coast.

Restaurants adresses and phone numbers:

Restaurant "Azur"

Korzo Hrvatskih branitelja 23

tel: +385 51 244 416

Pizzeria "Nava"

Korzo Hrvatskih branitelja 33

tel: +385 51 244 434

Konoba "Studec"

Vinska cesta 2, Pavlomir

tel: +385 51 248 888

Restaurant "Mirakul"

Obala Petra Krešimira IV 21

tel: +385 91 216 3888

Konoba "Kore"

Trg Vinodolskog Zakona 6

tel: +385 51 791 217

Buffet "Adria"- Mađar

Korzo Hrvatskih branitelja 33

tel: +385 51 244 421

Buffet "Bribirska obala"

Petra Krešimira IV

tel: +385 51 791 274

Pizzeria "Val"

Kralja Tomislava 6

tel: +385 51 791 314

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Interesting place to visit around

Novi Vinodolski and events in the town

You can take the tourist through the city. Or walk through the streets of the old town. Visiting a museum that is not very noticeable, you will have to look a bit better to find it. In a large number of restaurants and shops with a birodotel, there are also a pharmacy, a few bakers, fastfoods and a green market with a very poor offer. There are also several exchange offices, be careful about the current course, better ask in advance.

There is also drogerie shop DM and to buy food products it is best to go to shops located outside the city center. Lidl, Plodine, Tommy, Gavranović. Young people are asking for nightlife. Unfortunately there is not but in nearby town Crikvenica you can find it. To go there use a taxi or a bus , as well as during day trips to other nearby places. So these are some of them:

old town Bribir

Town Bribir

Bribir is 6km distant from Novi Vinodolski

nehaj senj

Castle "Nehaj" SENJ

The castle is only 21km distat from ourhous

Castle Nehaj
cave on island Krk

Cave "Biserujka" KRK

Cave is 30km from us on island Krk.

Cave Biseruljka
old town Trsat

Mary’s shrine of TRSAT

40km distant - Pope John Paul II visit Trsat in 2003.

aquarijum crikvenica

Aquarium Crikvenica

10km from Novi Vinodolski. Meet the fish of the Adriatic Sea

lakes plitvička jezera


95km distant but never far enough to not visit this beauty.

park Učka

Natur park Učka

Učka is 60 km distant from Novi Vinodolski

island Krk

Island Krk

Island with beatiful natur and towns

Island Krk
island Brijuni

National park Brijuni

Brijuni are 135km distant from us, in Istria.


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